AutoCop Flip Key

Rs. 1,500.00

Aftermarket compatible flip key for Autocop & Sub Brands

Sub brands like Terminator, Piranha, Scorpio, Guardian can be converted into Flip Key.

Type  FLIP 
Remote  Available 
Key Blade  Yes (Provided as per car model)
Transponder/Chip/RFID No
Battery Yes
Brand Compatibility Autocop, Terminator, Scorpio, Guardian, Piranha


How to get one?

  1. Visit our branches in Mumbai with the car to get the Flip Key 
  2. If you are located outside Mumbai,then send us the black box (image given below) which is the main unit  along with your remotes and key to our branch and we will activate the flip key remote and send it back. 

Black Box
Note: If you have any queries kindly whatsapp us on +91-9653-6451-32 the image of the remote front side and back side.