About Us

Ashar Key Hub is a premium service brand providing automobile key duplication services in Mumbai. It’s roots trace back to 1960 when the family brand “Ashar” was first established to manufacture and service keys for domestic, public and private sectors across India.

After years of industry experience and thorough research, the 3rd generation of this business family has successfully ventured in to the automobile sector and established global strategic partnerships to bring automobile key solutions to India.

Ashar Key Hub is the brain child of Pulin Ashar of Krishnaraj Enterprises in Mumbai, who runs this venture since 2008 with pride and with a vision to develop the current unorganized key making sector of India in to a sophisticated industry bringing one-stop reliable security solutions to the consumer while generating sustainable employment for the budding community of local key makers.

So far, Ashar Key Hub has been the pioneer in the Indian retail sector to establish associations with leading world brands like Advanced Diagnostics (UK), Elme Tools (Spain) and JMA Keys (India).

We at Ashar Key Hub believe in bringing world-class solutions with an unparalleled service experience to our customers.